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Getting Started with WODTogether

The 2 most important, basic, and absolutely vital parts of WODTogether for your business are: getting paid and tracking attendance. 

Here are your steps to go from zero to functional on WODTogether.

Step 1) Link a merchant account

Step 2) Create your products (memberships, retail, everything you sell)

Step 3) Create your clients' accounts

  • Direct Link:
  • Upload a CSV with your members information (only Name and Email Address are required) to the Coach's Dashboard > User Management > Migration/Onboarding report. Users accounts will be created and you can send emails out for users to "claim" their account (set up passwords and most importantly put a payment method on file)
  • Create accounts individual via the New > New User option at the top of every screen.

Step 4) Configure your clients' payments/memberships

You can add memberships to the shopping cart and check out on behalf of your users that have already put a payment method on file:


Step 5) Set Up your class schedule

This short video should get you going:

Step 6) Take attendance

The mobile site, available at, is the quickest and easiest way to take attendance at the gym. You can add the site to your phone's home screen for a mobile app experience. For screenshots and more details check out this article:

Once you've got users paying for memberships and checking in to classes, the system will start to come to life. Tracking all attendance and financial transactions will make your life much easier via powerful reporting tools... from paying taxes to learning which class times are busy vs dead to who your most valuable members are, and much more.

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