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Coach's Dashboard

The Coach's Dashboard is the major hub for any coach or admin users. 


Stat Buttons

At the top is a group of quick stats/buttons that link to the appropriate reports.

  • Members: the current number of users with active memberships
  • MIA: active members who have not been checked in to attendance in 2 weeks or longer
  • Failed Payments: any outstanding failed payments
  • Leads: users that are marked as "Leads" in their profile
  • New: users that are marked as "New" in their profile
  • Follow Up: users that are flagged for follow up

Admin Links

Next is the admin links dropdown, which provides quick access to all coaching and admin tools.


Coach's Notes

The dashboard shows the last 10 entries for Coach's Notes. You can click Add New or any of the Edit buttons to create/edit individual notes. Or click on the Coach's Notes header to dive in to the full Coach's Notes UI which allows you more control over which notes are shown, and a way to add/update multiple notes quickly.

Reporting Menu

The reporting dropdowns provide quick access to your favorite, or all reports in the system. To get a more detailed list including descriptions of each report, click the "View Reports" header.

Revenue Trend

This high level chart shows a comparison of last month, this month, and next month's revenue. Remember next month is only based on pending recurring payments, it does not predict any retail or other one time payments.

Facebook & Blog

Finally there is just a reminder to participate in our Facebook Group for Owners and Coaches. Also is a feed from the blog so you don't miss major announcements.

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