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Using Coach's Notes & Account Status

Coach's notes provides a way to track everything happening with your members. Combining this with managing users' account status (Leads, New, etc) and "Flag for Follow Up" gives you a power set of tools to help manage your relationships.

All coaches see all coach's notes, so it's a good way for everyone to be up to date with all member activities. You can add notes about any correspondence with members (email, phone call, face to face chat etc), injury updates, membership changes (frozen payments etc), or any general note.

Notes can be marked with "Flag for Attention" -- and these notes will be indicated on the class attendance screen so coaches will be notified to see what might be going on with that member before class starts.

Tracking Account Status

It can be very useful to keep users' account status up to date. You can quickly update users via the Leads or New report to toggle their status (Lead, New, Normal, Inactive etc).

It's also possible to have WODTogether to a bulk update on account statuses. Go to the Coach's Dashboard / User Management / Profile Organizer screen. You'll see a few options and a description of how user statuses will be updated:

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