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Smartwaiver Configuration

The WODTogether/Smartwaiver integration allows you to import Smartwavier documents into WODTogether and track signatures for your WODTogether users.

When a Smartwaiver is signed it will be tracked inside WODTogether. If no user exists, a WODTogether account will be created.

Smartwaiver Integration Instructions

Go to the Coach's Dashboard / Gym Settings / Smartwaiver Integration screen to get your specific webhook URL. (Gym ID included)
  1. Smartwaiver Create a Smartwaiver account at
  2. Smartwaiver Update your webhook settings: click here

          Webhook URL:
          Email Validation: "Do not wait for email validation"

  3. Smartwaiver Create a waiver, including a redirect URL:
  4. WODTogether Set the Smartwaiver API Key and Webhook Private Key settings for the gym (on this screen above)

          To create your Smartwaiver API Key: click here
          To get your Webhooks Private Key: click here (then click Show Webhook Private Key)

  5. WODTogether After saving your API & Webhook Key, you will see a list of your Smartwaiver documents. Click the "Import" buttons for the document(s) you want to track in WODTogether

Important Details

If you send a signature request from within WODTogether, the system will know exactly who signed what waiver when the Smartwaiver is signed.

If you link directly to the Smartwaiver the system does it's best to figure out who is signing... here's how:

The email address on the waiver is used to look up a WODTogether account. If that email address is not in the system, a new WODTogether account is created.

Signature Requests

Signature requests will notify the user that they need to sign a document. You can turn on "Auto Request Signature" for documents, and a signature request will be sent whenever a new account is created. You can also manually send signature requests via Document Management.

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