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Coach's Notes

Coach's Notes provides a way to track any update about your members or potential members. This is a great way for an individual or a team to manage relationships. Everyone should know when a member has an injury, goes on vacation, freezes their payments, or has any other significant event/correspondence happen.

For best practices with Coach's Notes see: Using Coach's Notes

You can select the date range to use by clicking on the dates displayed at the top of the section.

The Note Editor has a few simple fields

  • Athlete: who the note is about
  • Coach: who interacted with the athlete (or who wrote the note, up to you)
  • Note Type: a simple category for the note
    • General Note
    • Injury
    • Frozen Payment
    • Email
    • Phone Call
    • Face to Face chat
  • Flag for Attention: if checked, this will raise notification on screens like class attendance
  • Notes: text describing what the note is for



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