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Mailchimp Configuration

Mailchimp allows you to send out newsletters or automated emails based on triggers you configure. WODTogether can push your users data into your Mailchimp account. That data (names, birthdays, first/last checkin, etc) allows you to create "segments" in Mailchimp for targeted newsletters, marketing campaigns, or any other email updates.

This feature is currently only available in the 2.0 Beta site:

Step 1) First you'll need to create a Mailchimp account, and create a "List" in Mailchimp that WODTogether will sync with.

Step 2) Next, go to the Mailchimp configuration page inside WODTogether. Find it via Coach's Dashboard -> Gym Settings -> Mailchimp Integration

On that screen you will find a button to link your Mailchimp account; clicking it will take you to Mailchimp to login and authorize WODTogether to link to your account.

Step 3) Next, you need to select the Mailchimp List where WODTogether will push your data. Pick it from the dropdown menu and click save. 

Step 4) Then go back to Mailchimp and view the list's Settings -> List Fields and *|MERGE|* tags. It should look something like this:

NOTE: If you don't see all those fields, try selecting the list in WODTogether and clicking Save again. It should add those fields to your Mailchimp list for you.

Step 5) Click the Sync Now button in WODTogether to perform an initial sync of all users into Mailchimp.

Automatic Updates) WODTogether will automatically update Mailchimp whenever new accounts are added, old accounts are edited, and once per night to update users who checked in that day.



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