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Creating Memberships


From the Coach's Dashboard, find "New Product" under the Shop Management section.


To create an unlimited monthly membership that automatically prorates and recurs on the 1st of each month:


  1. Provide a Name and Description for your product
  2. Set Status to "Active"
  3. Select "Recurring" for Payment Type
  4. Set a Payment Amount (the amount to charge monthly)
  5. Optionally provide an email (or list of emails) to receive notifications, and/or select Itemize for daily summary emails




Product Name A short, descriptive name for your product
Description A longer description of your product your product
This product can not be purchased by anyone.
This product will show up in the shop where anyone can find and buy it.
Coaches can view this product, and anyone with the direct link can buy it.
Category Categories group products into different tabs in the shop as well as provide categorizations in your financial reports.
Product Picture For apparel/gear/merchandise you'll probably want to upload a photo
Payment Type
One Time
A single charge. Used for apparel, supplements, gear, etc
An automatically recurring charge, for memberships.
Intro into Recurring
A product with a one time charge that will automatically roll into a recurring membership after a specified duration.
Recurring Frequency
Recurring Only
How often a recurring payment will be charged.
Recurring Payment Day
Recurring Only
The day of the month recurring payments will happen. Initial payments will be prorated automatically
Membership Product
Intros Only
The product that the intro will be rolled into automatically after the duration of the intro. (See: "Membership Duration" below)
Payment Amount The amount of each payment (unless prorated)
Membership Status If checked, buyers of this product will be considered members of your gym.
Membership Duration
Memberships Only
The length, from the date of purchase, the user will be considered a member. This is also used as the valid length for punchcards.
Membership Limitations
Memberships Only
Use this option to limit memberships to a certain number of visits per week, or a set number of punches (check-ins).
Contract/Document If you want to require a signature before purchasing the product you can select a document here. (See: Document Management)
Email Notifications Enter one or more email addresses (separated by commas) to receive instant notifications when this product is purchased.
Itemize in Review Purchases will be itemized in the daily review email. (See: Daily Summary)
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