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Creating a Whiteboard


Whiteboards are a centerpiece in WODTogether, much like they are at most CrossFit gyms. They provide a place to see the WODs, check-in to class, post results, and compare scores. A coach should create a whiteboard for each day, for each program offered at the gym (CrossFit, Barbell Club, Endurance, On-Ramp, etc)

Whiteboard Options Explained

Program Select the program this whiteboard is for, if you only have 1 program this option will not be shown.
Whiteboard Date
The date that the workouts are to be performed
Publish The date/time that the whiteboard will become visible to non-coaches. Coaches will always see all whiteboards.
Pre-WOD Notes/instructions about warm-ups, stretching, or unmeasured skill work. This stuff is not scored.

These are the scored, measurable activities for the day. Each score you would write on the whiteboard is considered a "workout." If you're doing a handful of 2 minute AMRAP tests, each would have its own score, so each would be a separate workout in WODTogether (even though you might consider it all one big "workout").

WOD Comments Information about how to structure the workouts (specific rest between WODs etc).
Post-WOD Just like Pre-WOD, but for after the workouts.
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