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Accepting Payments through a traditional merchant account (non-Amazon)

You can use WODTogether to accept credit card payments using any merchant account compatible with Authorize.Net (more gateways, like Stripe, coming soon).

Processing through Authorize.Net

Step 1) Get a merchant account compatible with Authorize.Net.  Typically you will start this process by applying through a merchant reseller (Moolah, FattMerchant, WellsFargo, etc).  Once this account is approved, an email from will follow with a temp password so that you can start the process of setting up that account.  This email might trail your merchant acceptance email by a day or two, but it will come from directly.

Step 2) Login to and find your API Login ID and Transaction Key (see how to find these here).  While logged into, take your account OUT of test mode.  Merchant accounts are fully debugged, you do NOT need to be in test mode.  In fact if you keep your account in test mode, it can lead to some very strange errors when trying to sell items in WODTogether.  

Step 3) Add your payment gateway to WODTogether (using the API Login ID and Transaction Key) here:  When selecting cards that you accept, only check the boxes of cards that you opted into when setting up your merchant account.  If you select AmEx for instance and your merchant account doesn't support AmEx, WODTogether will allow user to enter AmEx data but those charges WILL NOT SUCCEED.

That's it! But...

Step 1 can be a complicated, confusing, and sometimes lengthy process. There are TONS of merchant account providers/resellers that work with Authorize.Net. Click here for the official list.

We've talked with 2 of these providers to get as much information as we could, and to educate you on how different some of the options out there are. The credit card industry is complicated, we'll do our best to explain.

Interchange Fees

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX etc charge fees for using their payment networks, it's called an "Interchange Fee". Interchange Fees are all over the map (from under 1% to over 3%), depending on the card being used. VISA's fee schedule document alone is 20 pages long. Depending on if it's a business or personal card, rewards card, credit or debit, etc. etc. This can make pricing confusing, and everyone pays interchange fees, no matter what.

Option 1) Moolah -- probably best for gyms processing less than $10,000 or so

  • $0/month 
  • 2.49% + 0.29 Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • 3.5% AMEX (optional) -- we've been told this will be lowered in 2015

Most of the time, merchant account providers make their money by adding a bit to the percentage to get their cut. Moolah offers a flat rate of 2.49% (much like Amazon) for WODTogether clients by assuming the average of interchange fees will be below that, and they make their money on the difference. This is a cool model because it's very predictable what your fees will be: 2.49% + 0.29 -- plus they include the Authorize.Net account for free, and there's no monthly fees whatsoever.

You can apply through Moolah here:

Option 2) FattMerchant -- probably best for gyms processing over $10,000 or so

  • $80/month
  • 0% markup on Interchange Fees (typically 1-2% according to FattMerchant, but vary wildly)

The $80/month fee might seem like a lot, but if you can save 1% on every transaction and only pay $0.10 instead of $0.29 per transaction, these savings can add up fast for larger gyms. There's no absolute number we can give, because Interchange Fees vary so much... but if you get a majority of your people paying with debit cards (which have lower interchange fees) you'll easily save more than $80 to cover the monthly fee, and as you grow past that you'll save even more.

For example, if you do $10,000/month on 100 transactions, if you can save 1% (this is a big IF) and 0.14 per transaction, you'd save $114.00... minus the $80 fee, and you'd save $34 over Moolah. If you only saved half a percent (an average of about 2% interchange), then you'd be paying $16 MORE than you would on Moolah.

If you do $30,000/month on 300 transactions, assuming the same as above, you'd save $262 over Moolah. But if you're only saving half a percent (if your interchange average is ~2%) you'd only save $112.

You can apply through FattMerchant here:

Option 3) Find Your Own

Want to shop around? Go nuts, you're free to find any merchant account compatible with

A good place to start is probably the Official Authorize.Net Reseller Directory.

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