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Taking Attendance

Accurate attendance is extremely important to getting the most out of WODTogether. Luckily, it's very easy to do. There are 3 methods to getting attendance (you do not need to choose one, all 3 are always available).

How-To (TL;DR version)

  1. Login to the Mobile Site ( )
  2. Click "Schedule"" button
  3. Click "Attendance" button for the class
  4. Type & select athletes using the auto-complete field at the top

Quick Video Demo

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Detailed Video

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Detailed Notes

Method 1) Coaches Take Attendance

This is by far the most accurate method for taking attendance. Most gyms write people's names on the whiteboard anyway, then coaches can quickly take attendance after class or even at the end of day. For bonus points they can take a picture of the whiteboard at the end of the day and attach it to the WODTogether whiteboard. This is all possible from the mobile site.

  1. Open the mobile site ( and click "Schedule".
  2. Click on the class you want to take attendance for.
  3. Use the auto-completing field to enter all attendees for the class.

Method 2) Athletes Check In at Kiosk

You can set up a device (chromebook, tablet, computer, whatever) at the gym to allow people to check in when they arrive. As a bonus we will try and pull workout and movement history for the days WODs. We still recommend the coach takes attendance at the end of the day, for complete accuracy.

Athletes simply:

  1. Select the Program 
  2. Select the Class Time 
  3. Enter their name

Method 3) Athletes Sign Up Before Class

If you have a class size limit, or want people signing up ahead of time for other reasons, they can do so. We still recommend the coach takes attendance, for complete accuracy!

Athletes can sign up ahead of time in a variety of ways:

  • On
  • On the mobile site (
  • On an embedded schedule on your gym's website

Ideas and Improvements

  • send push notifications when announcement is changed

Many of these ideas come from our clients. Join the discussion below or at

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