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Creating a New User

Coaches can create new users by clicking the New dropdown menu at the top of each screen and selecting "New User".

There are several screens in the process, but most of the information is optional:

First is credit card info, if you have it available it's great to put a card on file for any future charges. You can skip it if you don't have a card available.

If you skip the credit card entry, you won't see the billing address screen:

Basic user account info is next. Email and password are optional (but recommended); if the user wants to be able to login, these must be set.

User's First and Last names are required, they will be filled in automatically if a payment card was entered. Display name is what shows up on the site, and by default is First + Last name.

Sex is required so we know what workout Rx to show (Male/Female Rx).

Street address will also be pre-filled if a billing address was entered.

Birthday and Phone Number are both optional.

Emergency Contact is an optional screen. If not necessary, just click Next.

Office use allows you to set up the user's profile with useful information for back-end tracking.

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