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Migrating from Amazon Payments to another Payment Gateway

For gyms migrating away from Amazon Payments there are 3 phases to the process.

1) Getting a new payment gateway and merchant account

2) Linking the account to WODTogether

3) Migrating existing members from Amazon to the new gateway

Phase 1: Getting a Merchant Account

While this part of the process isn't necessarily difficult, it can be complicated due to the vast array of choices you have. Any merchant account compatible with Authorize.Net will work. You are free to shop around and find a vendor that gives you the best deal, but we've done some preliminary research for you.

Regardless of your choice you will need some basic information, like EIN and bank account numbers. You may also be required to submit recent months transaction data, which you can get through the WODTogether Completed Payments report. Finally, you will be required to have a "Privacy Policy", "Terms and Conditions", and "Refund Policy" listed somewhere on your website. It can be basic, see Ruination CrossFit for an example:

Option 1) Moolah ($0/month, 2.49% + 0.29 per transaction -- good for gyms processing up to $10-$15k or so per month) Apply Here

Option 2) FattMerchant ($80/month, Interchange Fee [1% - 2%] only per transaction -- could be a good option for gyms processing more than $10 - $15k or so per month) Apply Here

Option 3) Shop around. There are *tons* of options. One gym reported getting $31/month + 2.25% per transaction with Wells Fargo (who they were already banking with).

Phase 2: Linking Your Merchant Account to WODTogether

This is the easy part. You'll just plug in some info from your Authorize.Net account and everything will be all set. It looks like this:

Phase 3: Migrating Your Members

New purchases will automatically go through the new payment system, Amazon will not be an option for new payments once your payment gateway is configured.

Any failed payments will be corrected through the new payment gateway, again Amazon will not be an option. So both new users and failed payments users will be migrated automatically as they make their purchases.

Users who have an active recurring payment set up inside Amazon will need to put a credit card on file so we can move their payments to that card instead of through their Amazon account. They simply need to edit their pending payment which will give them the option of adding a new payment method (card). Once they do that, we will update their payments to be against the new payment method and their migration will be complete.

WODTogether will email your users and provide on-screen notification for once your payment gateway is configured to direct users to adding their new payment method.

If members just want to hand over their card, coaches can add a card to the user's account for them via the same steps the user follows.

It looks like this:


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