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Create Whiteboard

Create a whiteboard every day for each of your gym's programs. This makes it easy for your members to see what's on tap for the day, as well as quickly log workout results.

You must select at least one program and a date for each whiteboard, and you must also add at least 1 workout. Workouts are the main part of the whiteboard and represent any scored part of class. It's common to have 2 or more workouts for 1 class, for example 5x5 backsquat and Fran. While you might consider the whole hour class a workout, WODTogether considers each scored part of class to be its own workout.

Pre and Post WOD notes are freeform text comments that can help your other coaches run a more organized class with guidance on warmups, stretching, skill work, or cool downs.

WOD Comments can be used to link multiple workouts together, for example if you're doing 2 workouts but want your athletes to rest exactly 5 minutes between.

Coaching notes is extra information visible only to coaches.

Whiteboards can be embedded on your gym website, Facebook, or accessed directly via WODTogether sites/apps.

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