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Create a Whiteboard

A Whiteboard is a core concept for WODTogether.  Whiteboards gather all of the measurable WODs for a single day, single program into a neat, easy to find collection.  Whiteboards can optionally include Warm up notes, Post WOD notes, private coaches only notes and coaching comments on how you want the various WODs performed or chained together.  You can also setup integration with your gym's website so that the info from the Whiteboard is formatted and inserted into either a blog post or a static WODs page.  

How to Create a new Whiteboard:

- Any user who is flagged as a coach from the gym clicks Coach's Dashboard

- Click New Whiteboard

- Program: Select the program that you wish to create a Whiteboard for (if your gym only has a single program, this option won't be present)

- Whiteboard Date: Select the date that your gym will be performing this Whiteboard.  Note that you can only have a single Whiteboard per program per day.

- Publish: This date/time will automatically be set to the WB save time.  If you are worried about cherry pickers you can set this closer to the time the WODs will be performed.  Be aware that if you have a blog and have the WOD details inserted into those posts, make sure the publish date is equal to or before the blog post goes live or else until the publish time passes, the post will NOT contain any WOD info.  We suggest either keeping the default publish date or using's 5pm the day before as a guideline, but you are free to do whatever you feel is best for your community.

- Pre-WOD: This is optional, free form typing that can contain the class warm up info.  For instance, "Run 400m, spend 5 minutes on banded stretches, spend 5 more minutes on dowel & barbell snatch warmup drills..."

- Workouts: Whiteboards must have at least one workout on it. Click Add Workout to be taken to the workout picker.  You'll have the option of picking one of the tens of thousands of already entered workouts  or creating a brand new workout.  <TBD - link to article about workout picker and creating new workouts>

- WOD Comments: This is optional, free form typing that can contain notes with specific instructions about how you want the WODs performed.  For instance, lets say that you have Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 and Fran on your Whiteboard today.  Your WOD Comments might say: "Spend 15 minutes on the Back Squats, start at 70% your 1RM and increase each set, rest at least 2 minutes between each set.  Scale Fran so that you finish under 10 minutes, ideally under 7 minutes.  Fran is meant to make max intensity, leaving you on your back for a couple minutes after finishing...Go Hard!"

- Post-WOD: This is optional, free form typing for extra after class or cool down work.  You might say something like: "After class, do 30 abmat situps or GHD situps at a moderate pace and then spend a couple minutes rolling out your legs"

- Coaches Notes: These are optional, free form typing that will only appear to users who are flagged as coaches at your gym.  These might include very specific timing instructions or notes that are only important to coaches.  Example, "Use the 3 Jerk boxes and 7 racks for the back squats.  Have people group up into similar strength groups of no more than 3.  For Fran, if there are more than 7 people, run 2 heats so that there is enough pull up rig space."

- Notify Coaches: If you check this box (typically when there are very specific coaches notes that you want read by your coaches) you can check this box and when you save the WB, all coaches at your gym will be emailed with all of the details of this WB.


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