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Reviewing the MIA report

What is the MIA Report?

The MIA report tells box owners when a member is missing in action. By default, any member that has not checked into class within 14 days is considered MIA. The number of days can be set to any number by clicking "Edit Settings," changing the number in the field, and then clicking "Update Settings."

How Might I Use the MIA Report?

We recommend that you check the MIA report each week to see whom you may want to reach out to. Perhaps a member is traveling on vacation or nursing an injury, but often these are members you are in danger of losing. 

Bulk Emailing MIA members

You can pick and choose members to email by clicking on the check-box to the left of their names, then clicking "get emails" on the top right of the screen. Then copy/paste all of the email addresses that have appeared in the "Select Users Email List" box into the BCC portion of your email and write whatever you like to encourage them to get back in the gym and improve.

Downloading a CSV file

For those that prefer phone calls, you can download a CSV file (like an excel spreadsheet) that includes all information in the report plus phone numbers on file. Just click the check-box to the left of the names of the people you would like to include in the CSV file (or click the very top check-box to select all MIA members) and then click the "Download CSV" button on the top right of the screen   

Where do I Find the MIA Report?

Go to: Coach's Dashboard under User Management - Then click the drop-down box and select "MIA."


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