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Using the program review

By making your Whiteboards each day, you give WODTogether insight into your boxes programming.  As long as you don't create workouts that "Skip Validation" too often, WODTogether will know the movements and rep counts of your workouts.  From this information, we've made a report that can help you remember common movements that might want to incorporate into future workouts so that your programming is balanced.

How do I find the program review?

From the coaches dashboard, click Program Management.  From the program management screen, you can select the program you want to review and click review

How do I read the report?

By default, the report will show you the last 10 days of programming.  You can change the date range by clicking Select Dates.  The top section of the report will show you the number of Single Modality workouts, Couplets, Triplets, and workouts with 4 or more movements completed during selected date range.  Are you too heavy in one of these areas?  Perhaps tomorrow's WOD could be one of the lower count types to balance things out a bit.

The next section will count up the For Time, For Rep and For Load workouts.  The 3rd section shows the rep counts for the workouts you've programmed.  Again balance is probably a good thing to shoot for, you don't want to favor one type of workout too much.  You can see from the screenshot below that we should probably program a workout with 50-99 reps soon.

The final sections will count up common Monostructural, Gymnastic and Weightlifting movements (this list currently isn't configurable but this is the list from the L2 seminar worksheet that HQ hosts).  We put a checkmark if a movement was performed that day, add up the marks and highlight any zeros.  You can see a few movements that we haven't hit in the last 10 days.

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