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Gym Settings


1. Click Coach's Dashboard

2. Click Gym Settings (under the Gym Admin section)

3. Click on Gym Setup


Page Guide

Aside from the obvious basics (gym name, phone number etc) here are some important notes for the settings on this screen:

Street Address
Enter the FULL address including postal code. This will allow links to Google Maps etc.
It is imporant to choose an accurate timezone. An incorrect timezone will lead to whiteboards showing up on the wrong days, inaccurate reports (including financial trends etc), and other issues.
Gym Logo
Your gym logo will appear on Facebook posts when your users share their work out results. It's great exposure!
Daily Review Emails
Recipients (comma separated email addresses) will receive an email each morning which will show all completed payments from the previous day, outstanding failed payments, upcoming birthdays, PRs from the previous day, and other data to help you stay on top of what's going on at the gym each day.
First Checkins Emails
This will simply notify recipients when a user makes their first checkin to a class at your gym.
Anonymous Feedback Emails
This will enable a form on WODTogether where your gym members can send completely anonymous feedback to the recipients listed in this field.
Requiring Membership/Blocking Non-Members
We strongly discourage turning this option on.
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