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Attendance Tracking

Accurate attendance can provide gym owners with hugely beneficial data for a relatively small amount of work.

There are 3 models for attendance tracking:

  1. Coaches take attendance during class* 
  2. Users sign up for classes ahead of time
  3. Users sign in for classes at a kiosk when they arrive

*If you don't have size or equipment limits, model #1 is typically recommended because it is the most accurate method. Training a handful of coaches to take attendance is much easier than training dozens (or hundreds) of clients, and there are always new clients to deal with. 

For many gyms, signing up ahead of time is required, and these methods are fully supported as well. It's just a matter of what method is best for your gym.

What' so important about accurate attendance?

The truth is, accurate attendance puts powerful data in your hands. With this data you are better served to make big decisions like adding or eliminating classes, properly scheduling coaches, and much more. Below are some reports that taking accurate attendance will bring to your fingertips. All of these reports can be found under the Coach's Dashboard -> User Management - Reports drop down menu.

  • MIA Report - the MIA report can tell you when paying members haven't shown up for class recently. These are people that may be on the cusp of leaving the gym. You may consider reaching out to to get them back on track before they decide to cancel their membership.
  • Check-in Violations - Whenever users are checked in, WODTogether will raise a "Checkin Violation" if they do not have an active membership, or if they are over their membership limits (2x/week, punchcard etc).
  • Class Time Analysis - This report gives you a full breakdown of your class sizes so you can make informed decisions on if you should cancel classes, schedule additional coaches, or open new class times, etc.
  • Coach tracking - WODTogether can also track your coaches; hours, average class size, % of people logging results, and the average mood/rating in the class results under each coach.
  • User Engagement - Users can review their activity to see if they're really coming as consistently as they think, and motivate them to come more often. We can also remind them to post workout results on days they were in class.

How can a Coach take attendance in WODTogether?

  • From the Full (desktop) Site: Go to "Gym Schedule," click the "Check In" button for the desired class time and use the auto-complete input box to take entire class attendance (and see check-in violations) in seconds.
  • From the Mobile Site - From on your phone just go to the Schedule, select the class time, and use the auto-complete input box to take entire class attendance (and see check-in violations) in seconds.
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