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Using the Automated Daily Review Emails

Daily Review Emails can be configured under Gym Settings to send out every morning (at approximately 3am) to a list of email addresses you provide. The review email contains important information about what happened at the gym the day before. The sections include:

Completed Payments

This table summarizes the previous day's sales, showing the number of sales and the subtotal for each product as well as a grand total.

Itemized Payments

If you have selected to "Itemize" products (in the product configuration screen) you can get an expanded view of sales. This is useful for memberships, to show you not only that you sold X number of each membership, but who each of the buyers were.

Failed Payments

Unlike the other sections of the review email, this table shows all outstanding failed payments, not just those that failed the previous day. They will remain here until resolved.

Memberships Ending

This shows users with a membership ending in the next couple weeks who do not have a pending payment to renew their membership

New Users

Shows any new accounts created the previous day (whether they bought memberships or not).


A snapshot (total count) of attendance at each class time

Checkin Violations

A list of any checkins that generated a violation (for not having an active membership or being over their membership limits etc)

Notable Results

Notable results are any workout results posted by users that were marked as PRs or 5 star mood.

Upcoming Birthdays

Shows users with a birthday coming up in the next few days

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