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Creating Workouts

Workouts are created by using a language parser. You write up the workouts as if you were writing them up on a whiteboard.  It can take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy. We trained the system off years worth of workouts, so if you write up your wods in a similar fashion it will be a snap.

The general format is:

  1. Workout Format - is this an amrap, X rounds for time, a chipper, etc
  2. List of Movements - one movement per line should include, distance, weight, height, etc.  Don't for to include the unit (pounds, poods, kg, etc)
  3. You can add comments to a line by using square brackets [ ]

Let's check out a few examples to illustrate:

[everything inside square brackets is a comment and ignored by the parser]

21-15-9 of [the rep scheme is always first, not last]
thrusters at 95/65 pounds [always male / female rx weights and you must include units, you can use lbs or # for the units]
pull ups

20 min amrap
5 pull up
10 push ups
15 air squats

30 clean and jerks @ 135/95#

3 rounds of
400m run
21 kbs 53/35# [many movements have aliases, so you can use kettlebell swings, kbs, kb swings, etc and they all map to the same movement]

[a traditional strength workout]
5-5-5-3-3-1 of
back squat

which is the same if you wrote it up as: 
5 back squats
5 back squats
5 back squats
3 back squats
3 back squats
1 back squats

[Murph or any chipper style workout, just list the movements]
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 air squats
1 mile run

Writing up workouts and getting them to compile will allow your users to log their details.  Details allow users to specify how they scaled the workout and log exactly what they did.  WODTogether pulls from these details to report 1,2,3,5,10, and 20 rep maxes for a given lift.  

There are over 5000 movements in the WODTogether database, there should very rarely be the need to add a new movement to the system.  If you are getting an error on compile, it might be a misspelling or perhaps you are using an uncommon name for a movement.  Another common error is to add "Max Effort" to a movement name.  There is NO movement that starts with Max Effort.  Whether you are snatching for 50%, 90% or 101% of your 1 rep max, you are still snatching the weight.  The effort does not change the movement.  If you want to denote effort you could use the square brackets [ ] to denote comments.  For instance:
1 snatch
1 snatch [Max Effort]
will both put logged results into the users Snatch history.  This is very useful because when users want to look up their snatch numbers they are going to look under Snatch, not Max Effort Snatch.

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