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Setting and Editing the Class Schedule


1. Click Coach's Dashboard

2. Click Program Management under the Gym Admin menu

Page Guide

Program Management Screen

The Program Management screen shows a list of all of your programs. There is a button to edit each program, and a button at the top to create a new program.

Program Editor Screen

The program editor screen has the following fields:

The name of your program, by default you'll have one with the same name as your gym.
A little more detail about what/who the program is for.
  • Active - anyone can see and join this program
  • Inactive - no one will see this program (besides coaches)
  • Private - only coaches can see this program, coaches must add users manually
Start/End Dates
Setting a start and end date allows you to create limited time programs (6 week program etc). Classes will only show up on the schedule between the start/end dates.
Weekly Schedule

This is your list of classes every week.

  • Time - time of day for the class
  • Duration - how many minutes is the class
  • Coach - the schedule coach
  • Limit - class size limit
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