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Shop 2.0 Quick Start Guide

This document is intended for WODTogether owners and coaches who are familiar with the original shop and are making the move to the newly designed 2.0 shop.  It is intended to help ease the transition between the two.  Any change to a system you use everyday is difficult, but if you take the time to learn the new system, we think that you'll find that there are some great new features with the new shop.

Once we flip the switch, you will notice that all of your shop related links in will redirect you to the appropriate section in  As more of the 2.0 systems come online, we will be redirecting more and more, but for now we'll start with the shop.  

The biggest difference between the 2 systems is that with Shop 2.0, you can add as many items to a cart as you want, and run that cart as one charge.  This can include multiple people's memberships along with some retail items.  All recurring (membership or not) based sales will originate from the shop.  Bulk pay (discussed below) allows you to charge anyone who has a card on file at your gym, but because it is designed to be super quick, does not include UI for configuring memberships etc.

Common Questions:

  1. How do I set which items appear as featured items in my shop?

    - The list of featured items is a randomized set of products (pulled only from Active products) until at least 1 product is flagged as Featured.  You can either navigate to the product you want to edit or use the Shop Management report to quickly find the product you want to edit.  Either way, you'll want to check the checkbox titled "Featured Product" and save the product.

  2. How do I set the order of items in a particular category in my shop?

    - You can edit products and set their Sort Priority.  Products with higher values will appear 1st and values with equal values will display in alphabetical order.  You can see your whole shop's values from the shop management report.

  3. How do I find hidden products?

    - Any coach can check "Show Hidden Products" while viewing a shop page to toggle on the display of hidden items.  They will appear on the shop page, darkened and marked with "Hidden Product" under the product's photo.  You can click on the product and add it to a cart like any Active product.

  4. How do sell a membership to a new member who does NOT have a WT account?

    - Navigate to the product that you wish to sell the member.
    - Click the Add To Cart button which will take you to the cart page
    - Click Change Buyer
    - Click the Create New User button
    - Type the user's credit card info (if you have a USB credit card reader you can swipe the card to auto fill in all the info except the CCV and Zip Code)
    - You can optionally fill in the data on the next couple screens to complete their profile, or just click next to create the account and return to the cart view
    - You can now change the Recur Date if need be as well as the Start Date
    - You can continue shopping to add additional items or type the name of the product into the Quick Search field
    - When you are ready to finalize the purchase, press Review Order
    - If everything looks ok, press Place Order

  5. What can I do with the new Shop Management report?

    - The new shop management report is a great way to find any product in your shop.  By default only Active and Hidden products are displayed, but you can add in Inactive products by pressing Options.  You'll notice there are icons next to the product name.  Those icons represent various products features and settings.  You can filter the list by typing the bolded words from the Icon Legend into the Search field.  Want to see all the products that are recurring with a photo attached?  Type Recurring and Photo into the search field.  You can edit a product by clicking the pencil icon or purchase an item by clicking the name.  This report is a great way to double check that all your taxable items are in fact marked as taxable so that the Sales Tax report will properly calculate your owed sales tax.  It is also a good way to make sure that your shop is organized how you want it to be, both by category and sort order.  You can also dump all the products in your shop to a CSV file if you wanted to do some offline viewing.  And finally, this report is the only place to find an old product that has been flagged as Inactive, like something you only offer once a year.

  6. How do I sell a couple a membership and have them get charged together?

    - Navigate to the couples rate product in your shop
    - Add 2 of those memberships to your cart
    - Change the buyer and either chose or create a new user for the person who is going to purchase the memberships
    - When you return to the shop, the buyer for both memberships should have changed to the newly created user and the new payment method be selected
    - Now we need to either create a user for the 2nd buyer or if they are in the system, change the name of one of the memberships so that the system puts it into their name.  If we need to create a new user, click the +New from the menu at the top of the screen.  This will allow you to create a brand new user and then click the green shopping cart icon from the top of the screen to return to the cart so that you can select the newly created user.
    - Click Review Cart
    - If everything looks good, click Place Order.  Otherwise click Make Changes so that you can tweak perhaps start dates or recur dates, or add other items.

  7. How do I send links to members so that they can purchase items?

    - We plan on integrating this into the 2.0 product screen so that the flow is a bit better, but for now use the 1.0 payment request feature.  So click coaches dashboard on the site.
    - Click Payment Requests from the Shop Management section.
    - Click the Add Payment Request button in the upper right of the screen
    - Pick the WT user or their email address
    - Select the product name from the drop down list.  You can type to filter the list down a bit
    - If you picked a recurring item, you can set a start date and recur date
    - Type the note that you'd like to email to the user
    - Save Payment Request
    - To send the email, click the envelope icon
    - You will be able to check back and see if the user has clicked the email and whether they have purchased the item

  8. How do I issue a full refund of an order to a user?

    - Find the payment in either the completed payments report or the user's 2.0 user profile
    - Click the magnifying glass icon to inspect the transaction
    - Click the Refund Payment button
    - Confirm by clicking Send Refund 

  9. How do I issue a partial refund of an order to a user?

    - Find the payment in either the completed payments report or the user's 2.0 user profile
    - Click the magnifying glass icon to inspect the transaction
    - Click the pencil icon next to the item that you'd like to change the amount for
    - Adjust the amount the user paid to a lower amount
    - You will notice that the cart total
    - You can also remove an item entirely from a cart (but not the last item, to do that use the Full Refund button)
    - When you are done making changes, press the Submit Order Changes button.

  10. How do I record a cash membership payment?

    - Since memberships and recurring products need to go through the cart system, click Shop.  If you know the product name, you could click the cart icon at the top of the screen and then type in the Quick Search box to quickly add a product direct to the cart which will allow you to skip the next 2 steps.
    - Find the product you want to record
    - Click Add To Cart (the default is qty 1, but you can type in whatever qty you wish)
    - Click Change Buyer, type the person's name
    - Select Cash from Payment Method
    - Click the word Today if this cash payment was for a membership that started in the past or future
    - Review Order
    - Place Order

  11. How do I change an member to a different membership?

    - Now that we don't have amazon involved and have a card on file, if a member wants to change to a different membership option the best way to do this is to cancel their existing pending payment and setup a new one.  See #12 for how to cancel a membership.  To setup a new membership:
    - Click the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen
    - If there is anything already in your cart, click Empty Cart
    - Type the name of the membership in the Quick Search field, click it when you see the proper product displayed
    - Click Change Buyer and select the member's name
    - Click Payment Methods and select their card on file
    - Click Today next to the membership name to set the next date that they should be charged, mostly likely the 1st of next month
    - Click Review Cart
    - If everything looks good, click Place Order

  12. How do I cancel a user's membership?

    - Click Find Athlete from the panel on the left
    - Type their name in the Search field
    - Once you see their name, click it to go to their profile
    - Click Order History
    - Click the magnifying glass icon next to their pending payment
    - Click Cancel

  13. How do see my failed (or completed or pending) payments report?

    - From the favorite report icon at the top of screen, click it and you will get a menu of options, click the one you want.  Once looking at a report, you'll be able to select any other report you want.

  14. How do I tack small retail items onto my members next pending payment?

    - You use the Bulk Ordering interface.  To get there, select Shop, you'll see a button labeled Bulk Ordering.  Click it.  If you want the default behavior for that session to add the items to their pending order, select Next Pending Order from the Preferred Payment Method selection.  Next type the user's name, what they took, update the quantity if need be, click Add.  You can add other charges for the same person or others.  When done adding charges (you can mix payment methods too, so some added items can get run now, some can get tacked onto pending payments), review the list one last time, and finally click Submit Bulk Orders.

  15. How do I edit (or create a brand new) product?

    - To create a brand new product, click Shop and then click New Product.
    - To edit an existing product you navigate to the product that you want to edit, and once you click the product, you should see an Edit button.
    - Another way to find a product to edit, and the only way to edit products marked as Inactive, is to use the Shop Management report.  To get there, click Shop and then click Shop Management.  This report by default shows all Active and Hidden products.  You can include Inactive products by clicking Options and flipping Inactive on for display.  Now you can search for the product by name, price, category, etc and once you find the item you wish to edit, click the pencil icon.

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