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Handling Couples/Kids Memberships

Handling a husband/wife (or a parent/child) combo is simple in WODTogether, but it does require you to set your products up in a certain way. If your membership are $175/month, or $300 for a couple... instead of creating a $300/month product, create a $150/month product and put 2 into the shopping cart. During checkout you can select users for each of the memberships. As long as the start/recur days are the same (which they usually are), the order will run as a single transaction.

How-To (TL;DR version)

  1. Create your couples membership product as if each person will buy one (a $150/month product if you are charging $300/month per couple)
  2. Add 2 of the memberships to the shopping cart.
  3. Select the appropriate users for each of the memberships
  4. Check out!

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Detailed Notes

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Ideas and Improvements

  • allow creating users from the cart that are not the buyer (just like "new buyer", but for membership user instead of buyer)

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