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Selling Retail & Concessions

You can sell retail through the Shop UI or (for existing users) through Bulk Payments.

Shop UI Method (full site or kiosk):

  1. Browse the shop and add item(s) to your cart
  2. Click Change Buyer and select (or create) a user.
  3. Select (or add) a payment method for the user
  4. Review Order
  5. Place Order (on Kiosk, buyer will be required to enter their password)


Bulk Payments Method (full site only):

  1. Go to Coach's Dashboard and click "Bulk Ordering" under "Shop Management"
  2. Under the Bulk Ordering form, select a Buyer, a Product and Quantity. Adjust the Amount if desired.
  3. Select a Payment Method which can be any offline method (cash, check, other), a payment card on file for the Buyer, or if the user has a pending order you can save on transaction fees by adding retail items to that order (all will be charged together as one transaction).
  4. Click "Add" button
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 as necessary
  6. Click "Submit Bulk Orders"
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