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Payment Processors - The Best Options

The Best Payment Processors…

(and the End of Credit Card Fees)?

Credit card fees suck. The Payment Industry, in ways that have been enumerated elsewhere, is more than happy to overcomplicate, disguise, scheme, evade, obfuscate, nickel & dime, and do just about anything else possible to make off with as much of your money as they can get away with.

This is CrossFit. This is supposed to be FUN.

With all the underhandedness, it’s understandable many gym owners don’t know how much they’re losing to their payment processors each month, and some don’t want to know.

Those that start digging are often horrified by what they find. It’s common for owners who think they are paying around 2-3% to discover they are paying the equivalent of 4%, 5% or even higher.

This is the sleaze of the payment industry at work—and these are rates that no one should have to pay.  


At WODTogether, we have meticulously researched all corners of the payment industry and the dizzying array of payment processors available for three reasons:

  1. To better understand the payment world our clients are connected to.
  2. To find the diamonds in the rough… the best and most fair payment processing companies for CrossFit Gyms and our clients.
  3. To ensure WODTogether software supports new and better payment alternatives when they arise.

The Findings…

Based on our discovery, the below companies are the cream of the crop, and should be heavily considered by most, if not all gyms. They all offer comparably low rates & fair deals without the other hidden bullsh*t. None require contracts or have any additional fees other than the ones listed below:

1. Moolah: A top-notch option for the vast majority of gyms in the US & Canada. Approval process takes 5-7 business days. Link: Moolah (*Listed rate through WODTogether)

  • CC: 2.49% + .29 per transaction. Flat rate. (Does not currently apply to AMEX).

2. FattMerchant: Excellent deal for larger gyms (we recommend them if your gym has a revenue stream of $20,000+ per month). Approval process takes an average of 7 business days. US only. Link: FattMerchant

  • $80 monthly fee.
  • CC: 0% markup of interchange rate on the card +.10 per transaction. (interchange rates are typically 1-2% according to FattMerchant, but vary wildly).

3. Stripe: Stripe’s rates are certainly fair, though they’re not as low as Moolah’s. Stripe does have instant approval, though. Good option for boxes outside the US/Canada. Link: Stripe

  • CC: 2.9% + .30 per transaction. Flat rate.
  • ACH: 0.8%

If you’d like to talk about credit card fees, payment processing options, get a free analysis of your current “fee situation/Total Monthly Cost” and/or an accurate estimate of what your fees would be using WODTogether + one or more of the above recommended processors, click here:

Or just email me directly at, and I will happily get back to you.     

If you’re interested in learning more about WODTogether, the most forward thinking and innovative All-In-One Gym Management software company, you can find us here:



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