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How to use WODTogether to help run a comp at your box

If you use WODTogether, using it to host and score a competition is pretty easy.  Everything you need is included in the software that you use everyday.  I'm going to draw on the dozen or so comps that we've hosted at my gym as reference.  This is certainly not the only way to run a comp, but this is what I've learned over the years and have helped us run successful comps which we pride ourselves on.  Here is our latest comp from this past Feb, the 4th annual Cupid's Massacre co-ed comp:

We've also run single sex competitions.  Here's a link to our last State of the Nation internal comp:

So what are the key points that we've found helped us run these events?  First, create products in your shop for each division (scaled, RX, Masters, etc).  Make sure that you use the email notifications feature so that you get an email anytime someone registers for the event (which you might then add their name to a spreadsheet or email them to find out team name, shirt sizes, etc).  Next create a page on your website for the event.  Everything about this event will be posted here, registration links, the wods (if you release them before hand), and the scoring results.  Having a single page allows your spectators, friends, family, and athletes to easily look up their score at any time on gameday.  Make sure that your site lists the registration cutoff (once that date occurs, edit the page and remove the registration links), the location, the time of the event, cost, etc.  

Next, you need to design the wods and score cards.  For WODTogether's scoring to be used, the wods will each have an equal weight in the final score (ie 4 wods, each will be 25% of the final score).  Also, each WOD must be marked for a single scoring type (ie for time, weight, reps, etc).  The system handles DNFs on for time wods, but does not know how to award points if a wod is for say reps and load.  Each wod needs a single scoring flag set.  So if you want to have a wod similar to our Code Red event described in the State of the Nation event link above:

500 meter max effort row
(5 minute time cap, rest remaining time)
3 minute row for max distance

You'll need to write that up as 2 events, a 500m row for time and a 3 min row for distance.  More scores tend to make more interesting event anyway as it gives more chances for comebacks which keeps your spectators interested to the very end.  Our scoring system rewards 1 point for the best score in a workout, 2 for the next best, etc.  It handles ties correctly, 1, 2, 2, 4, etc.  The system then adds up all the points each person earned and the person with the lowest number of points is the winner.  You should specify at your athlete briefing what the tie breaker will be, as it can happen with such a small number of workouts.

Now, you need to design the score cards.  They need to be very easy for your judges to use.  Most of the time, your judges will be volunteers and the game day event tends to be very chaotic.  Don't make your judges do a ton of math, they will make errors!  If you have a wod for reps (or even for time but expect quite a few DNFs), make sure you print a running rep count in the margins to aid the judges.  You also need the score cards to be easily read by the person you intend to enter the values into WODTogether.  Some key pieces of info that should be on your score card, the athlete's name or team number, the judges name (this way the score keeper can ask them a question if need be), the division, the score, a check box for DNF (with reps completed), and perhaps an athlete signature.  Don't leave the scoresheet design to the last minute, I've found it is a key piece of the puzzle and essential for the scoring to be smooth and quickly updated.

Next you need to make the whiteboards.  Everything on gameday should be done RX, so you'll want a set of wods for the advanced division (with male and female weights specified) and another set for other divisions (if they differ in load, reps, or any other way).  If the 2 divisions are doing the same exact work, then it is fine to share the same workout for both whiteboards.  Again drawing from the State of the Nation link above, notice that Victory has Fun, Intermediate, and Advanced versions with different weight, reps, and movements, but that all division share the Max Effort 500m row, as all divisions did the exact same work for that part. You'll need to create WODTogether whiteboard for each division.  Since you are probably canceling classes on the day of the comp, you can just use one or 2 of your programs for these whiteboards.  For us, I used our bootcamp program for the Fun whiteboard, CrossFit program for Intermediate and the competitor's program for advanced whiteboard.  You don't need a different whiteboard for each sex of a division because you can use flags to show the whiteboard in scored male mode or scored female mode (discussed below).  Everything else about these whiteboards are just like any other day, although you probably don't need anything other than the WODs listed on the WB.

Once registration is closed, you can add everyone to attendance for the program (aka division) they signed up for.  You can do this in 2.0 by using the gym schedule feature.  You can even add users from other gyms, if the comp is open up to other gyms, by selecting the Include Other Gyms checkbox.  If the comp is a team comp, add a single member of the team to the WB, NOT all the team members.  All scores for their team will be entered in this person's name.  Make sure your score keeper has a list of all team member names and which person is on the WODTogether WB.  This way, regardless of whose name is on the score card, the scorekeeper can quickly lookup who's name they should enter the score for.

A quick word on team names.  They are cute, but I recommend using regular athlete names on the whiteboard.  First, family and friends know who Bob is, not that Bob is part of the Insane WOD Killers team.  Also, since WODTogether is a billing and member management tool, if you change the display name for a user to their team name so that it will appear on the WB, you might forget to change it back and suddenly you have a Insane WOD Killers entry in your Completed Payments report.  Not ideal.

Now, we need to embed the whiteboards onto your event page.  You'll need to go to each whiteboard and get it's ID value.  If you running a team event, you'll score the WB without specifying a sex (this allows the team captain to be either sex) and you'll embed each division just one time.  If you are running an individual event, you'll need to embed each WB twice (if there are both sexes for each division), each with the proper scoring flag.  Here is what the code you need to include on your event page:    

<iframe src="" width="1300" height="2140" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

This tells the browser to embed whiteboard id 88763, display them in ranking mode and put in "comp" mode (disabling non coaches from entering scores on the embedded whiteboard).  The other values are iframe embedding values (they have nothing to do with WODTogether but are important).  You'll need to tweak the height value to avoid there being scrollbars on your event page.  Make sure you log out of WT before tweaking these values so that you see what the public will see.  If you want to see only ranked males, add /sf/1 to the URL.  Scored females add /sf/2 to the URL.  Below are the URLs for the same WB to embed ranked male and ranked female

-- rank males

-- rank females

Random Final Thoughts

One of the things that will help your event go off successfully is running on time.  To do this, allow enough time between heats to reset for the next one.  3-5 minutes should be plenty of time to reset between heats.  You'll need to allow more time between workouts as more equipment needs to be moved and setup.  I've found that floater wods are a mess.  We don't do them, we schedule all wods.  This makes sure that everyone gets equal rest between their heats and you can better plan judges for those heats.  Make sure you have a good number of judges and helpers.  Things like check in people, a runner to gather up score cards from judges and deliver them to the score keeper (BTW the score keeper needs to use a coach account to enter scores for athletes), and enough judges to allow breaks without screwing up the schedule.  We print out different division scorecards out on different color paper to help the scorekeeper know which division this card is for.  Good luck and you can always email with any questions you might have.

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